Benefits of Technology Integration in the Classroom

Technology is everywhere! Our students are learning and growing in a technology rich environment. As teachers, educators and principals, we must adapt our schools and classrooms to educate the “tech savy student”. We must bring effective, enriching technology curriculum into our classrooms. The classrooms and students of this generation are frequently evolving and this requires educators to adapt.

Integrating technology in a classroom is more than teaching computer skills or providing new software programs in a separate computer class. These instances of isolated integration are not enough. Research shows that effective technology integration must happen across the curriculum spectrum. This integration will deepen and enhance the learning process.

The greatest benefit of technology integration is when the use of technology is a regular part of the curriculum and curriculum goals. Often teachers use technology as a reward or incentive in the classroom. This type of logic and implementation is not as effective. Our students use smart phones, access the internet and use an array of additional technologies all the time. Showcasing a “new” software program or asking students to utilize the internet is simply not appealing. We must keep up with current technology trends in our classrooms to keep our students engaged.

Moreover, the amount of resources available online is vast. Educators need to infuse their classrooms with more interesting and diverse learning materials. Students can be challenged through numerous opportunities including the use of images, sound and text. This allows students to learn while engaging nearly all of their senses. Furthermore, students are more likely to stay engaged and on task; reducing behavioral and boredom problems in the classroom. These are additional benefits for using technology tools.

Technology also changes the way teachers teach. Teachers are able to reach different types of learners and assess students understanding through multiple means. Added benefits include enhanced relationships between students and teachers. When technology is effectively integrated, teachers grow into roles of advisors, content experts and coaches.

Additionally, classroom technology integration is essential as we prepare our students for the modern workforce. We need to replicate our classroom learning and application to prepare our students for the current work place. Access to technology implementation in the classroom makes this goal attainable and empowers our students.

Technology helps make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun. The benefits are great and the use of technology for every teacher, student and classroom can be valuable for all involved.

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