Bringing Technology into YOUR Classroom

Googledocs. iPad. Facebook. Twitter. Skype. Instagram. You Tube. Pinterest. The list goes on and on.

Technology is everywhere and is advancing every day. As teachers, we need to embrace the technology to enhance our teaching. For many teachers, this prospect can be intimidating and overwhelming. However, with the right education, attitude and planning, implementing technology in your classroom can be a success!

Technology in the classroom should add to your lesson, open new frontiers, engage your students and bring your lesson to life. Your main goal is to enhance your lesson by utilizing available technology.

Remember this is integration, not replacement. For each teacher, the process will vary. Take some time and ask yourself a few questions to get started.

  1. Where can I add technology in my classroom?
  2. How can I adjust my lessons to integrate technology?
  3. What technology is available for me to use? Smart Board? iPad? Computers?
  4. Why do I want to use technology for this lesson? Do I need to?
  5. How can I best assess my lesson?
  6. How can I best assess my students?

Be honest with your answers and start to do research. Don’t be afraid to try different options. Integrating technology into your lessons is an ongoing process and should be gradual. Ask fellow colleagues for ideas. Stay positive and have fun!

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