Hurricane Season Is Here!

With hurricane season beginning, we advise that you review the list below to make sure your equipment and data is secure. Keep a copy of this list accessible in case of a tropical storm or hurricane.

1. First and foremost, back up all your important data remotely! 

Power outages are likely during severe tropical storms or hurricanes and there is a chance that your machines and/or data could get damaged. This data should be kept in a remote safe and secure site, if possible.

2a. If your area is forecast for a direct hit, turn off and unplug all your computers & electronic equipment well in advance of the storm.

This will keep your equipment safe from power surges.  Even if your equipment is plugged into battery backups, unplug your machines. Not only your computers, monitors, and printers – make sure your TVs, fax machines, and phones are also unplugged.

2b. If you’re not in the storm’s direct path, you still might be subject to power outages and surges. To safeguard your equipment against power surges, make sure all your computers, routers, and servers are connected to battery backups.

In addition to providing surge protection, battery backups provide your equipment additional time to shut down properly.

3. Lift all your machines off of floors to protect them against water damage and cover all your unplugged equipment with plastic bags.

Only cover equipment that is UNPLUGGED!

4. Have a backup wired telephone handy and available to use.

This phone is in addition to your cell phone, just in case your battery dies or your cell phone network suffers damage from the storm.

5. Keep important information such as: your accounts, customers, personnel, administration, and tax information in a safe area where they can be relocated once the threat of the storm has passed if necessary.

If your home or business is in an area that’s vulnerable to storm surges, it’s a good idea to keep copies of your important information off site.

6. Most importantly – make sure your hurricane emergency supplies are available in a secure area that’s accessible in an emergency. We recommend the following supplies:

* Emergency communications equipment such as 2-way radios, CB radios, and satellite phones
* Remote call forwarding access in case it’s necessary to temporarily reroute phone lines
* Battery operated television or radio
* Extra batteries
* Flashlights
* First Aid kit
* Emergency tool kit
* Food, water and utensils

Don’t wait until a storm is around the corner to prepare. Contact our office to have a Backup Solution or Disaster Recover Plan in place, if you don’t have one already.

Don’t lose data or equipment, it’s not necessary!

Be safe! Be prepared!

Keeping you and your team doing what YOU do best is exactly what WE do best! 

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