The One iPad Classroom

Integrating technology into your classroom is an ongoing experience. Many teachers have access to computer labs, multiple iPads and more. However many of us have the “One iPad Classroom”. Do not despair. You can and should use your iPad.

Here are some ways to utilize one iPad in your classroom.

1. Whole Class: You can use the iPad to display content on a projector or a smart board for the whole class to see.
2. iPad Stations: Your iPad can be used as a “station” for multiple students to use. Use a headphone splitter so students can benefit without disrupting other stations. Students can play games, research articles and watch videos.
3. Pass around the iPad: Although this examples is not ideal for large classes, a small group of students can work together and pass the iPad around.
4. Small Groups: Students can work in groups of two or three on a collaborative assignment. Examples include doing research, playing a game, creating a story etc.

Still apprehensive about using your iPad in the classroom? Here are some helpful hints.

1. Use timers to help facilitate turn taking.
2. Work in pairs or small groups. Take turns.
3. Invest in a headphone splitter. This allows a few children to work together.
4. Assign roles to small groups so everyone gets a turn. Examples include timer keeper, iPad user, task master etc.

Teaching in a “One iPad Classroom” is possible and beneficial. Be creative and open-minded. Good luck!

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