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 "You recently moved our computer system to a cloud based server. I'm here to tell you it works well. I was at a satellite office today and was able to access my office's system seamlessly and easily. Thank you for making my computing easier!" 
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With 24/7 Proactive Remote Management by MIS Support, we’re able to detect and prevent most computer problems before they even happen.

When the inevitable does occur, we’re able to fix most issues remotely. That means you’re not stuck in a holding pattern while you wait for your support technician to show up from another appointment across town.

And when issues can be solved remotely, you don’t need to get up from your desk to make room for our technicians to work, since we’re already performing virtual repairs, silently, invisibly, without keeping you from doing what you do best: running your business.

This is one of the many ways that MIS Support delivers on our promise of Maximum Uptime, helping you achieve Maximum Productivity and Profitability.

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Proactive Remote Management Services

The following services are performed or set up remotely by our technicians:

  • Automatic backup and secure off-site storage of your critical data
    Your data and system configuration are automatically backed up on a regular basis, so you’re always prepared for unexpected loss due to natural disaster or system failure.
  • Technical Support
    Get your questions answered and your issues resolved. There’s no need to sit on hold or send e-mails to some cryptic address, wondering if and when they’ll ever be read. Simply submit your concerns by clicking the MIS Support icon, conveniently located in the corner of your computer screen, and we work with you until the issue is resolved.
  • Troubleshooting & Repairs
    Once you’ve submitted your issue, we work remotely to investigate and repair the problem. In many cases, no further effort is required from you once your initial request is submitted. If on-site repairs are necessary due to hardware failure, they can be handled quickly, usually in one short visit, since we already know exactly what parts are needed. Time and labor for on-site repairs are included in most monthly remote management plans.
  • Proactive Monitoring & Log Checking
    Did you know that every day, your computer generates hundreds of error messages that you’ll never see? That’s because these errors are not major enough to affect your daily usage, but sometimes they can indicate problems on the horizon. We monitor your error logs, and repair these problems (some of which may not have even happened yet!) to make sure you stay up and running.
  • Compatibility Testing
    Planning to purchase or upgrade new software or hardware? Let us know and we can run a scan to make sure your purchase will be compatible with your existing configuration. If there are any compatibility issues, we can fix them or help you map out a more workable plan.
  • New Software Installation
    The old way: It could take hours (or even days) to install the software on each computer in your network from the manufacturer’s CD. The MIS Support way: We deploy the software remotely, to every computer in your office, without affecting your daily workflow.
  • System Security / Intrusion Prevention
    Before we begin to manage your network, we ensure that it is free of viruses, malware, and other vulnerabilities that may threaten your critical data. Next, we lock it down to safeguard against intrusions. Then, on an ongoing basis, we remotely check for issues and update security protocols to ensure that you are always protected.
  •  Updates, Patches, and Upgrades
    On a regular basis, updates are released for your operating systems and software. Sometimes, these updates are critical, as they can prevent newly discovered security threats from affecting your system. We make sure that every computer in your office is updated as needed, so that your data and systems are always protected and operating smoothly.
  • Disaster Recovery Once we’ve sat with you to create a disaster recovery plan, the plan can be implemented and acted upon from our data center. That way, when the unexpected does occur, you’re back on your feet and back to work faster than ever before.

So, are you ready to achieve Maximum Productivity and Profitability though Maximum Uptime? Speak to your MIS Support representative to create a Proactive Remote Management plan for your organization!

Keeping you and your team doing what YOU do best is exactly what WE do best!

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