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 "You recently moved our computer system to a cloud based server. I'm here to tell you it works well. I was at a satellite office today and was able to access my office's system seamlessly and easily. Thank you for making my computing easier!" 
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On Demand Home Support Services (AKA MIS-Squad) has been designed with our residential clientele in mind. No matter if you are having hardware, software, wireless, security, slowness or an INFECTION issue we are ready to jump into action and resolve. When you need support immediately and dont know who to call, call M.I.S. Support, Inc for ALL your ON DEMAND remote support needs.*

Reduce Your Downtime To Virtually No Time With M.I.S. Support, Inc.'s Remote Administration and On Demand Services!

In just a few minutes, M.I.S. Support, Inc.'s highly skilled Support Engineers can be logged onto your system and working to resolve your computer problems and needs. 

  • 561-393-5656 ext 2

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*regular support rates do apply

  • Comprehesive Remote Tune Up
    Have you noticed that your once speedy computer is now slow and lethargic? We can whip your computer into shape and get it working like new! (Click Here for more info) 
  • Wireless Home Network
    MIS-Squad will help you set up a wireless network and set up security protection, add PC-related devices to your network, troubleshoot high-speed internet connection and performance issues. Don’t get frustrated over faulty connections. MIS-Squad will get you connected! 
  • Home Network Setup
    MIS-Squad can help you set up your home network, get your PC-related devices communicating to each other, add computers, printers or scanners, set up your router or wireless Internet and troubleshoot networking problems. When you need help with your home network, MIS-Squad will get you connected!
  • PC Security
    MIS-Squad can help resolve system performance and pop-up issues, identify and remove viruses and spyware, set up firewall protection and parental controls and provide a complimentary license for an anti-virus solution that stays up-to-date for as long as you are a member.
  • Software Problems
    MIS-Squad engineers can quickly install and configure popular software products so you can focus on being productive rather than getting frustrated with installation issues and error messages. We help identify, troubleshoot and resolve software problems and provide helpful user tips.
  • Microsoft Windows
    MIS-Squad engineers have the expertise to shed some light on the problem and guide you to resolution. We’ll help with setup, install the latest patches and updates, get rid of common error messages, restore your system in the event of a crash, or help you increase performance by optimizing your system.
  • Smartphone Setup and Troubleshooting
    MIS-Squad will help with installing and updating software, setting up email, syncing contacts and calendars, slow loading pages, charging issues, upgrading and installing applications, lost call logs and text messages, removing unused applications and more for smartphones and mobile phones with data plans.
  • Internet Connection & VoIP Assistance
    MIS-Squad will help install and configure your Internet & VoIP service, set up your email and IM accounts, fix performance problems and more. Whether you are just getting started or you’re having a world of trouble with the World Wide Web, we’ll get you back to smooth surfing in no time.
  • PC Support Services & Devices
    MIS-Squad can help resolve problems that you may have with your PC and PC-connected devices. We’ll troubleshoot and identify issues with slow-running PCs, error messages and more. We can also help with installing new devices and software, connecting printers or scanners and protecting your files.
  • Digital Camera and Camcorder Support
    MIS-Squad offers assistance and support for digital cameras and camcorders. Whether you need help getting started with a new device or your digital camera or camcorder is misbehaving, we’re here to help. Get the picture? 

* This service is completely done remotely. Onsite service is available upon request. Please contact us for more information

Keeping you and your team doing what YOU do best is exactly what WE do best!

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