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 "You recently moved our computer system to a cloud based server. I'm here to tell you it works well. I was at a satellite office today and was able to access my office's system seamlessly and easily. Thank you for making my computing easier!" 
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Network and System Audit

Do you have any idea what's on your network? Do you have  control over your systems?

If your answer is NO, we can help!

Let our highly skilled technicians and engineers perform an comprehensive Audit and Inventory of your network. The process is Fast, accurate and up-to-date:  Audit and Inventory of computers, servers, and mobile devices and is extremely easy to deploy to your entire network without having to involve you or your busy office staff.

Our Audit and Inventory Control includes:

  • Complete IT asset management of the servers, workstations, mobile computers and software on the network.                                          
  • Hardware and Software Inventory                                                                 
  • Disk Utilization
  • License Usage and Compliance
  • Network Usage and Statistics
  • Server and Workstation Uptime History
  • Computer Logs and Status
  • Security Patch and Update Status        
  • Network devices and functions
  • Virus protection status                                                                                                                       

Once all data has been gathered, our highly skilled technicians and engineers review all data collected and make appropriate recommendations based on the design of the network and systems, and best universal practice standards.                                                                                           

If you are ready to take control over your network and systems call us at 877-MIS-2622 for a FREE Network Audit

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